Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Facebook for kids and things

So lately I heard about the CNN newscaster who actually created a facebook account for her 1 year old child because she fears that the social network will be too congested when her child is elgal enough to make its own facebook account. I thought that was fairly absurd and also very stupid, as what does the child know about social networking?

And I thought that this kind of extravagance will only happen in the Hollywood and celebs world, not knowing that everyday people are also doing it: creating a facebook account for their children who are not at the legal age of owning an account.

Personally, I have no idea why do they do this? Are they too free? Do they want to expose their children so much? Are they bored with their social network that they want to get attention from their childrens' social networking? What is it that goes through their lonesome mind?

You know, since I have no children on my own, I, as a trend observer, would like to hop into the band wagon and start a facebook account for something near and dear to me: I want to start an account for my inanimate objects such as my BB, my netbook, etc....

I am pretty sure people will follow this cool trend of mine.

That is how jobless I can get.

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