Sunday, October 10, 2010

I can see BUBBLES!

See how happy my face is? I LOVE bubble tea. I really do. The best bubble tea that I have tasted is in Penang. Last time, when I had to travel there frequently, I must make sure that I have my bubble tea fix in Komtar Mall. But now that I don't need to travel there that often, it is kinda hard for me to get my fix.

I have been in Alor Setar for almost a year now. But last wednesday, Saras accidentally made my dream come true. We went to Sentosa Mall to get her phone fixed. And there, tucked in a little corner was a shoplot that sells tidbits and yes, BUBBLE TEA WITH PEARLS!!!!

OMG... was I excited.

Best part is, it is only rm2.80. No need to go to Penang anymore now that my life is complete here.... ^_^

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