Monday, October 18, 2010

I had the BEST day of my life. No one can beat it. Seriously

I woke up today at 0550h, thinking that there was class at 0630h. i got the message and the class was cancelled. fine, back to bed. But when I woke up, I realized that I was sleeping underneath my mattress instead of on top of it. Wow, I must be that tired.

The day went on. I had to send my car to the foreman because it couldn't start. When it did start, it died immediately after a few kilometres. 3 times the foremen had to come to fix the car and they finally found the REAL problem. Now my car is in the workshop.

When I was waiting by the roadside for the foremen to fix my car, I left my file on top of his car. Didn't know that the wind was strong enough to blow away my file and the papers inside it. I managed to rescue all of the papers except for one: the most important one, my class' ORIGINAL attendance.

Then in the heat of the day, I tried to tie my hair up with my birthday present that was given to me by my classmate. While I was trying to do that, it broke. Great. Just great.

I had a call from a guy with double pangkat saying that I MUST be there for the meeting. But I told him that I can't make it due to some problems. But he claimed that it was an ORDER. I tried to explain to him in my nicest way that I can't meet him and he said that I was doing things all up to my convenience. He really does not know how much I tried to be responsible in my professional life and also in my personal life. He thinks that I am lying on my back all the time doing nothing? Well, everyone can go ahead and believe that. I have no comments.

And I have continuos assessment tomorrow.

Anyone had a better day than mine?

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