Friday, November 5, 2010

Fitness Second (Only in Istanbul)

Being ardent gym-goers, Yayah and I decided to take a look at the gym that was in the Azuyade Hotel that we stayed in while we were in Istanbul. We know for sure that we will be piling up on the food, especially me as I love the rustic taste of the food here. From kebabs to turkish coffees to sweet delicacies, I downed them all without minding the calorie count.

But after seeing the gym, I was worried as the equipments look like they were from 1948 and I guess if I were to take a run on the threadmill, I am pretty sure I'll break it in the first 5 mins.

So, in the end, I still ate like there was no tomorrow but killed the calories with 10,000 steps on heels, up hill!

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