Monday, November 29, 2010

Words cannot convey

I was jogging just now with the earplugs in my ears. Wasn't any song in particular but suddenly I started snickering. I risked being called a weirdo, and almost laughed my heart out when songs, other than the ones that I was actually listening to, was playing in my head.

And these songs (Can't touch this, Airplane, Rojak) remind me so much of my dear sisters. I miss being with them, laughing our hearts out at nothing and everything. There is not a dull moment between us. The only time that we are quiet is when one of us falls asleep, and that will be me, as I am the first to fall asleep all the time especially during movie nights.

Life is funny when we are near, we drive each other crazy with our own uniqueness. But when we are apart, we can't stand the distance.

I always go through the pictures in my phone which is mostly of my family. And I found this picture that fits perfectly in my homescreen. My Mamak and the love of her life, Shadi.

We can never agree on one thing. But I am pretty sure that we can agreen on this: we miss each other like crazy and nothing can describe that feeling right now.

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