Thursday, November 18, 2010

You come again, and please, can you go again?

I didn't want to write about this because it seems that it didn't matter at all. But as much as I tried to sweep it to the side, as adamant, it comes back to the center of my thoughts. Why must it be that way? God, this sucks.

After a good 4 years, you suddenly called me back. At first I did not recognize your voice, but after a few minutes, you sound so damn familiar. I know you, and by the sound of it, I knew you well. But still, I couldn't process my thought long enough to figure out who you are.

And then you told me. I was shocked. Flabbergaster. Awestrucked. There could be many more words to describe my stunted moment at that time but you took all the words away. How could you have done that?

The history that was between us made me think. Made me cut off all the ties that we had between us, as friends, as close friends, as whatever. After that one moment when we were on the phone way back when, I said to myself: "never again". And now you call me back? As Adam Lambert would say: "what do you want from me?"

I asked, and asked, and asked some more. So you finally said that you missed me, some way or the other other. But I didn't want to accept that answer cause it was wrong. So I probe some more and you finally came out with the whole truth. You needed a REAL friend to talk to because you are having trouble in paradise.

I knew it.

I already told you and told myself that whatever feelings that I had for you, I don't want it to come back and I won't allowed it to come back. We can be friends, and it ends there, FRIENDS.

So, friend, lets not hurt each other like how we did before.

We are each others' past and let it be.

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