Thursday, November 18, 2010


The first night when I clocked in for my oncall in the Labour Room, I thought to myself: "owhhh.... this is gonna be a long one". Since this is all about waiting, and waiting, and more waiting.

Then I went to my first room because the mother has already been screaming in the room due to labour pain. So I assume some action is going on in there to deliver the child.

As I flipped the curtain, immediately, I saw a baby's head in between the mother's leg. I saw her face that showed indescribable agony. And all I could think of at that precise moment was: Mamak.

I replaced everyone in the Labour Room with my life. The mother is Mamak, the baby is me, the staffs were all from UHKL instead from HSB.

I love my Mamak. That is all that I wanted to say actually.

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