Friday, November 19, 2010

Because talk is cheap

Why do we talk to each other? To make opinions, thoughts, feelings, and almost everything transfer from a whole brain to the other, without we realizing the whole amazing complicated process of it. And because we didn't realize, this has made many a conversation defective ones as the messages that were supposed to go through did not meet its true purpose.

I wanted to talk to you as how we did before, but that could never happen now. Tried my level best all the time to be diplomatic, but still, nothing. You were angry with me when I wrote about our failing relationship. Said that I shouuld have gone to you straight. Well, FYI, let me make this easy for you, I F**Ki*G DID. And guess what I got for that? Oh, you need not to guess cause you are on the giving end, and me on the receiving end of your very hostile personality, only with ME.

You know what, I always tell myself (because my mother has brought me up nicely so), that no matter how much mean the world can be, all I need to do is brush it off and smile, and that automatically makes me the better person. So, I did. And yeah, that does make me the better person in so many ways.

Don't think that I am confused. That I don't understand what you mean. I do. Actually, I think that you are kinda confused yourself when you told me to get to you on a personal level to talk if I had anything going on about you that I needed to say. Hey, I did OK, and you bloody well knew it.

And what did I get in return for conforming to your suggestion?


Thanks alot for nothing.

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