Friday, November 5, 2010

You caught me by surprise

I was all wrong about the riddle that I was supposed to solve. I did put in my list Paris or Italy, but I never mentioned Istanbul, the one place that I really wanted to go since early this year.

I wanted to go there because of the rustic feel of the place. The history, the cheap stuffs that you can get (we got this wrong actually as most of the stuffs are expensive as we stayed in a tourist area), the lovely variety of food (but of course no place beats Malaysia for this), the hot guys (some of them), and of course the view of the sea.

It was a short-lived trip but it was all worth it. We had a great time and I survived the whole trip wearing 4-inch heels! Half of the time, I had to walk with only my socks on because my feet were killing me as the alleys there are made of uneven bricks. Although my feet hurts, I keep on forgetting about it as I was too buzy enjoying the wonderful trip.

Thanks Mamak and Shadi for the lovely trip and thanks to my lovely sisters for putting up with my crazies :)

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