Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Worth the wait.

I didn't expected this at all. I was so tired and sleepy that even when I heard a blasting honking postman outside, I couldn't be bothered. Thank God my housemate got down and attended to the postman.

The package was for me.

It was wrapped and packed in so many layers that I almost gave up opening it. But once I saw what was inside, I was all smiles.... if only I could picture my expression.

Thanks so much tay-wo-wais!


Dhiya 'Izzah said...

i had only one thought when i saw the cd... "hey.. i think i know this girl.."
well... i might know u... mmm... were u a student at kolej tunku jaafar?
sorry for using this way to approach u... my email is .. even if we had never been friends before, why not start being one? =)

redSeptember said...

Yup,you got that right.