Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I haz the bug

It has been a long week for me, what with my travelling and arranging and being with my lovely sisters, and supposedly getting ready for my exams, which by the way, I didn't manage to do because I was so caught up with things.

Sunday was supposed to be a work day. But I was so sleepy I only managed to arrange some stuffs with my colleagues and doctors, then I knew I had to sleep. I was definitely deprived of it for the past week. So, I decided to stay home and catch some snooze. I didn't even manage to find a patient for my clinical assessment the following day.

Monday came around and I was as calm as sea. I waltz into the wards and started looking for a patient. I had only a an hour to clerk my patient and present her for my assessment. I did it as quick as I can and waited for my professor to come and assess me.

I was trying my level best to keep cool and calm down during the assessment. With my friends in tow, it was like I was on stage, performing for them. But what threw me off the spotlight was when the questions keep on coming in without letting me think for even a second. I started to tie myself up and ended up in a knot, which I slowly tried to get out of. I pulled through the assessment.

Then, the next person, a friend whom I didn't know was sick. She is an A student. She can answer any questions at all. But at one point, she had to sit and she looked terrible. I found out that she was sick. And I was standing near her.

Monday evening, I started to cough. Thinking it was just a reflex, I shoved the thought of being sick, away. Cough.... cough.... cough... I finally got it. I haz the bug..... X_x

Only on Tuesday, I started taking medicine for my illness. Within 30mins of the meds, I was already in deep sleep. I didn't even have dinner, I didn't even hear people knocking on my door.

Wednesday: I got sick in my mouth. Had to endure the long hour in the OT but I pulled through. In the evening, I decided that I had to fight this. I had to go out. I went for my aerobics which I haven't attended for one whole week. Towards the end, I passed out because the bug really got me.

Being sick is terrible... X_x

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