Wednesday, April 16, 2008

wake up your brain!

QUESTION: what do the government hospitals in malaysia have?

ANSWER: 100% show, 0% performance (literally.....)

i can't quite remember in which ward i saw a photocopy of a newspaper cutting from BERITA HARIAN stating that this hospital (the one that i am currently posting in), is, i quote, "hospital tercanggih". by "canggih" it means that this hospital is well equipped, has the latest ventilating system to decrease the rate of nosocomial infection, has a congregation of staffs that are friendly, knowledgable, high performance (as you have read my previous posts, i don't think this is anywhere near true), and loads more that contribute in the tagging of this hospital as HOSPITAL CANGGIH.

i BEG to differ......

i have never mentioned this, but a few weeks back, while we were having a discussion in the counselling room that is supposed to be used as a place for doctors to talk to family members (but we used it because there were insufficient seminar rooms to discuss in, so much so for the canggihness), we noticed that there was a pail in the middle of the room. we also saw that a part of the ceiling was taken off. initially, we disregard it and passed it off as a minor leakage. but as the discussion progresses, the most unthinkable happened, water was practically gushing out from the hole in the ceiling. GOD knows where did the water came from. from what we saw, it looked like it came from some washing area (prolly the toilet?) because we could see soap bubbles and the colour of the water was murky. i was the first to run out from the room, in fear of contracting somekind of GOD forsaken waterborne disease.

due to the canggihness of this hospital, they can't even afford to change the broken locks of the cubicle doors in the toilets. they also can't fix the head of a pipe that has come off and because of this, water wastage is happening every single second (even now!!). maybe, just maybe, this is all just trivial to them. they only deal with canggih matters.

so much so for being TERCANGGIH, today (i have never experienced this in ANY hospitals that i have been to and in) there was a MAJOR blackout, like the WHOLE hospital. gawsshhh!!! imagine how canggih is that??

we were just about done examining a MALE patient who has BREAST CANCER (i was like so blahdy excited! this is my first time ever to have this patient. and the surgeon chose me to examine the patient!! woot! woot!), when all of a sudden....poof*...... the whole ward went dark. we thought maybe it was just the room that we were in. we went out and saw that the whole place was dark, the only light sources that were available were from outside and from the emergency lights.

lucky for us, the main door that is electronically locked was unlocked during the blackout. if not, we were gonna be stuck in the ward till the power comes up!!

after making the great escape from the ward, it was time to rush back to campus for the 2nd part of the day. as i am carpooling with mr. pooh, we went to his car in the lot. and this was what we saw.....

waaaahhhhh~~~ so tere want this driver. he could squeeze his car lidis one!! maybe his car is a hybrid and it turned out to be a 4-wheel drive old skool proton saga! (-_-") can you imagine? such a big ass hospital with a nursing college and hostel blocks in its compound to boot, has not enough parking space to accomodate the number of visitors or patients that come by to the hospital.

if this driver's car jahanam, i don't know la what to say. dah la he/she has to go to the hospital. then, out of desperation, has to park lidis. then, if the car is damaged in any way possible, that will be such a misfortune for the driver.

so much so for HOSPITAL TERCANGGIH.....


abeming said...

hahahaha...full with canggihness...interesting story =)

Mak Su said...

kena tanya balik maksud canggih gamaknyer

djambu puadovich said...

hosp mn ni ek? hosp serdang ke hosp sg buloh? isk3

redSeptember said...

tu la pasal abe, the hosp is too canggih alr. i oso cannot catch up with their mediocre acts. :P

maksud canggih pada mereka kan mak su is tin melo kosong yang diketuk-ketuk untuk menarik perhatian ramai.

none of the above djambu. hospital kat north side ;)