Sunday, April 27, 2008

it's not too late, it's never too late (to wish you, eh?)

today, my TWIN sister, yes, we are (just) a few years apart, she is the P.H.A.T (pretty hot and tempting) one, while i am the hot B.I.T.C.H (babe in total control of herself), has turned 19!!

~Happy Birthday~

  • 1 y.o. : she is the cutest la... bulu mata lentik, chubby. aku siap tipu mama lagi that i had done my chores just so that i could watch her take a bath. sekali mama find out... jeng...jeng...jeng...
  • 2 y.o. :still as cute as ever.
  • 3 y.o. : playful. she is loved by many!! even her nanny's family adore her like mad!
  • 4 y.o. : being very naughty but yet is the pearl of the family.
  • 5 y.o. : loves to eat .....this is where it all started....
  • 6 y.o. : jatuh longkang sama mama gara2 nak pergi tadika. she also asphyxiated a cat that she konon2nya tgh bawa jalan2 dalam kereta tolak....
  • 7 y.o. : pergi sekolah, dalam kereta, puting masih lekat kat mulut :P
  • 8 y.o. : pakai cermin mata to correct her lazy eye
  • 9 y.o. : nak tido, main kening. i swear i dunno where she got this from.
  • 10 y.o. : kena "kidnap" by her classmate's family. we went BESERK!!
  • 11 y.o. : eventually, we found her back .... haiiissshhh..... heheheheh
  • 12 y.o. : very kancheong for her first major exam. but she pulled through
  • 13 y.o. : went to high school with an afro!! RESPECT!
  • 14 y.o. : started to become very the shy one....
  • 15 y.o. : very selamba to sit for her 2nd MAJOR xm...tere arr!
  • 16 y.o. : felt what it's like to be in private school. culture shocked!
  • 17 y.o. : became very the popular among her peers. loved by all.
  • 18 y.o. : determined to loose those "baby" fat. hehehe .....dah lama dah ko hilang title baby to weii...
  • 19 y.o. : on the way to HOTness (still have a long way to go to reach me :P ). very the VAIN. now not timid and shy like before. becoming THE socialite of the town ( i oso not yet become leyy....)

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