Friday, April 11, 2008

dr. jekyll and mr. pelik

10th april 2008: as usual, i went to the hospital today praying hard that nothing close to bad will happen to me. i guess i am on GOD's hotline as my prayers were answered.

i couldn't really sleep last nite as i was anxious about sitting for an exam today (nothing to do with my studies, it is one of those blahdy LAN subs). in the end, i woke up at 4am and did some reading (triple reading) to freshen up my knowledge. i was thinking of skipping ward today as the hospital docs are taking us fr discussion. this means that we have a 50% chance that mr. pelik will be handling my group. but when i think abt it again, i said to myself:

"aiiyahhh.... jes fecking go la. what the hell wants to happen, let it. least you know that you do not succumb to being a coward and let him win this battle"

so, with a heavy heart, but an open mind, i went to the hospital. my gameplan was to pretend to clerk a patient while reading some notes for the exam. initially, that was what had happened. but my desire to learn from the patients overcame the need to read the notes, as my patient was very cooperative and very informative.

*clerk clerk clerk*

then, the very much awaited (not really) discussion time came. weird.... none of the docs came to us. so, we waited some more till mr. pooh got a call, asking all of us to go to the scope room. like a child running wild in a candy store, i went to the operation theater area, where the scope room is.

*put on scrubs*

in the scope room, mr. GQ, HOD of surgery and mr. pie, were there conducting the endoscopy and colonoscopy, each. i was glad to see that mr. pelik wasn't there. i was even more glad to see that mr. GQ, my fav surgeon, were taking our group. everything went on well untill.....

*my heart almost came to a halt*

the voice of mr. pelik (read: extremely LOUD) resonated all over the scope room. he was babbling away like as if he had mouth diarrhea (but then again, there is this saying that says "an empty vessel is always the loudest). the way he told the other students to get out of his way was like the way someone would shoo away stray dogs. i was lucky that i wasn't standing with that group as i was assisting mr. GQ with his scope procedure. i was looking rather closely to screen that i did not notice mr. pelik came and stood right beside me.

"kebelakangan sikit ye. tak yah nak tgk screen dekat-dekat. haa... tengok jauh sikit baru nampak", he said w/out any not of sarcasm and the tone was, dare i say this, SUBTLE.

in my mind, he prolly didn't even know it was me. maybe he thought that i was someone else.

as i was holding the patient, mr. pelik kept on saying:

"takyah pegang patient, biar dia relax"

so, i let go and then he started holding the patient because the patient was fighting the scope entry. and then, all of a sudden...... our paths collided that our hands BRUSHED against each other. iiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww.............scary..........

*i need to peel off that area of my skin now (-_-")*

seriously, today, he really is PELIK because he seems to be subtle with me. i only have this to note:
  • maybe he didn't realize it was ME
  • maybe because i was not in any way stimulating his nerve circuit that has long been short
  • maybe he finally saw that i am determined no matter what, to learn. not even his classics can bring my spirit down
  • maybe, just maybe, he does have a split personality (i am going for this one)

on another note:

a smart aleck ms. biglips (my groupmate), made a fool of herself infront of mr. GQ. to me, if you don't know something, jes shut the fecking up. instead, she decided to act smart and answer mr. GQ's question with an utterly dumb answer. we were in the scope room, so the question goes like this:

"why do we scope this patient who has signs of a post stroke episode?"

ms. biglips answer was: "because he is an alcoholic"

i nearly died laughing when i heard this. i answered the question and my answer was correct. i am glad that i could ans the HOD and i was happy that the HO confirmed my other answers to questions from the HOD regarding the same patient.


btw, do you know the answer?

*snicker snicker snicker*


djambu puadovich said...

err...pls, can i know sumtg abt d case/patient first? hehe...[nk cuba menjawab. kalo salah sila tunjukkan] :)

redSeptember said...

56 year old malay male. came in with history of hematemesis containing frank and coffee ground blood stained vomitus.

patient is a diabetic and hypertensive.

has history of stroke.

present not aware and not alert but fully conscious.

seweng said...

hahahaha...1st of all,i like your label!hehehe...the series eh...

i rasa actually mr. pelik ni suka kat u lah...dia sj je nak test.that's y c batu api tu jeles kot...kwang3!!!

its tough being a doctor eh...blm jd doctor pun dah tough.

anyways,when's your exam again.if its over,hope you did well.if it isnt,good luck bebeh! :)

seweng said...

btw,did u peel that part of your skin? :P

redSeptember said...

i already made sure that i am not put under him for the xm. sebab dah boleh agak dia punya tak ke professionalisme kan

neway, dah mmg jadi series pun dah cerita ni kan.

nak peel tu mmg le nak... tapi buat apa nak seksa diri sebab orang macam ni kan? hehehe

seweng said...

a ah,dah jd drama bersiri dah pun ni...kalah the gossip... :P

:) i was in kl last few days... :D

redSeptember said...

kira, this is the version of gossip girl, malaysian style la ni :P

owh, awak ada kat KL ye? loorrr... why never tell me one. kalau tak, you'd be the first blogfren for me to meet ehhehehe

Anonymous said...

what is the answer??tell la..:)

redSeptember said...

lorrr....i was waiting for djambu to answer... sekali tgk, tak jawap pun :P

ok la... jawapan: we scope this patient obviously because we want to know what is the cause of the hematemesis. the hematemesis is brought about because of the use of ASPIRIN, a blood thinner commonly prescribed to patients with high BP and post stroke patients. ASPIRIN causes the hypersecretion of hydrochloric acid in the stomach that could erode the lining of the stomach and hence causing hematemesis.

treatment of this is to give proton pump inhibitor preps, such as pentaxazole, to decrease the formation of HCl.

ni le jawapannya .....