Tuesday, April 29, 2008


"shaites!! i shouldn't have said that."

"shut up already you freak!"

"oh my, did that just came out from my mouth???"

said alia to alia. yes, i do talk to myself, sometimes....

have this ever occured to you? things that you don't mean to say but they magically find their way out from your brains -> vocal cords -> mouth?

don't deny it, we ALL have gone through this, in a way.

there are many things that i have said that i regretted or maybe glad that i actually mustered the courage to let it be heard. it is not something that i plan, it is something that my subconscious mind has, for sometime, kept in its long-term capacity, and has crawled it's way out. ok, if it is in your subconscious mind, this means that whatever it is that you have just said, you have actually thought about it in a long period of time.

somethings that you can't even tell anyone abt it just burst out from your lips like a painful boil that needs emergency drainage. i know that i have hurt many by being so blunt. it is not something that i am proud of actually. but that is just the plain truth. the truth hurts, that is a fact. sometimes, what i said is misintrepreted by the other and it is totally not my fault. well, i do have my share of misunderstanding others' msgs, but i promptly apologize. i guess, if it was meant to be said, then it was not wrong that i have said it, kan? it is just that the other person who hears it either have to accept it, or let it go. either way, at least, i have relieved my mouth diarrhea heheheheh

other times (thank GOD for that!), whatever that i accidentally said, makes others happy. bukan la aku nak simpan my ego or anything, but i am just afraid to say it, you know. but if you give/say something too often, for example, a compliment, a praise, thanks...whatever... people tend to not appreciate it and infact doubt the sincerity of it. well, to heck with THESE kind of people right? hehehehe

i am writing this because i had an episode of WHOOPS! 2 days back. crap embarassing la. aiiyoo... don't know how to reverse it. but then again, as i mentioned before, if it came out without you planning it, then there MUST be a reason for it to be heard.

thinking outloud is my obsessive compulsive disorder. yeah, i wanna be in a group too.....so will the OCD yuppies take me in already?

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