Saturday, July 5, 2008

hike of life

a few days back, i got this email and i was totally psyched! at first, i kinda forgot about this and had planned other stuffs prior. but when i got this email, i immediately called yah and she was psyched too!! so, my initial plans were either cancelled, changed, or added. everything fell right into place and i would suspect myself to be dead occupied from friday up to sunday. nevermind the time constrain, as long as i am doing fu stuffs, i am good to go.

then, the shaite happened.

at about 2030hours, friday 4th of july, i got an sms from the Jacob's walk of life program. i was damn pissed when i saw the sms, and also i had a feeling that it might be a prank. with the net down, i can't do much to get the real situation of the sms. thanks to my insomnia, i kept on waiting for the net to be on again. at about 0100hours, it came back. i checked my gmail, and this was what i got.....

the reason of the postponment was totally selfish!! it was because of the planned riot or gathering or whatever it is that people are planning to do this sunday to go against the fuel price hike. yeah, i did say so myself that i'd support the fight against the fuel price hike. but if by doing so messes with other things that are supposed to go in motion, i think this act is just plain selfish. plus, why must the organizers of the walk of life cancel their program? it is not like the gathering is going to happen at the same venue, right? or are they afraid that the turnout will be a flop because the said participants will want to spend time at the rally rather than at the walk?

now my plans all messed up. my supposedly fun sunday has gone down the drain all because of a blahdy rally. i tell you, if the rally against fuel price hike this sunday does not make any difference, i will personally try to headhunt the brain behind the whole rally, and shove one of those petrol pump heads up his @$$ and pump all the petrol available into him so that he won't complain of lack of petrol anymore.

kalau nak buat kerja biol macam ni, jangan la susah kan atau kecewakan orang lain. badigol betul!


iNGENiOUS AYU said...

aiyak. almost nak pergi. sbbnya dkt dgn rumah je. tehehe

m s v l a d said...

ala...I want to participate also..
if anything holler us too k?=)
enway..r u here this weekend?

redSeptember said...

ok darling,
i'll let you guys know once the date is up again.

i'll be here for 2 weeks. ehhehe tgh cuti :P

m s v l a d said...

ouh cuti ape ek?
i thot everybody sume br naik sem hehe
ouh comela meet us at bijou,bangsar
strudels cafe saturday