Monday, July 14, 2008


remember i said nana had the to-go snack plate on the train? yeah, as usual, the takeaway came with packets of napkins, sauces, and tiny spoons to eat the mash and slaw.

i was helping nana to open the packets. they provided 3 for her. as i was trying to pry open the 2nd pack, i noticed something super duper DISGUSTING....

look at the stains that were on this napkin. i noticed this when we were in the train already and of course i couldn't go and complain to the branch manager there and then.

the packet was unopened but the napkin is stained. what does this say? well, to point out the obvious, i am pretty sure to cut cost, they would collect the napkins that appeared to be unused but were taken by the patrons, as well as sauces that are unopened, and i hope and pray that they do not collect the spoons as well, and repack them back to be given to the next patron.

what happened to being all hygienic?

in the food line, they shudn't do this right? they shud at least check and have the liberty to think first before doing this. what if they collect the spoons as well? what if the spoons may look clean but it is highly contaminated with germs?

see, if they can't even keep the frontline clean, i cannot imagine the kitchen. this is just KL Sentral branch. what about the other branches?

ieewwwww..... thank GOD i don't eat KFC.

and yeah, i still have the evidence with me.

i hope some kind of authority come across this entry and do something about it. for my readers, please spread this. we don't want any outbreak caused by unhygienic eateries to take place in our community yeah.


axim said...

euuwww......think about it again and again,its disgusting if they keep using the same spoon or tissues that have been give n to the patron...what unethichal behaviour then..

aBiR aBhAr said...

lucky u noticed...

i know one fact that, the chilli sauce bottle in KFC didn't replace with new one.
they just put new sauce inside the bottle.. i dunno whether they clean up the bottle or not..

one more thing,
(not to be racist here)
Most of KFC restaurant hired workers from Bangladesh and Pakistan to process the chicken at the back, in kitchen. Seriously.. my friend told me

Jahwarhar Nazrin Abdul Rashid said...

omg, baru makan kat kl central, boleh tak perasan plak entri ini...hmm..
layan sudey!!~

redSeptember said...


ish... len kali check dulu blog RED k.hehee boleh dijadikan guide ni :P

berhati2 k. takut nnt sakit ke apa ke, tapi harap tak la.