Monday, August 25, 2008

mega CULTURAL nite

disclaimer: i am NOT a racist.

it was early this year that the hoo-haa of the AIMST mega cultural nite had begun. there were interviews held just to be in the commitee that is organizing this major event. to perform, you'll have to go thru a series of audition, just to get a spot in its agenda.

gawsh, to my mind, this must be real fun to attend as we can see the various cultures that are in AIMST, be it local or international. really, i was actually looking forward to it.

boy, was i TOTALLY wrong!!

i was browsing thru the notice board in the TV area this morn and i spotted this poster:

i was reading thru it and wondering: what happened to "mega CULTURAL"? ain't it supposed to feature OTHER cultures as well?

i also tried to decipher this line here: "unity thru culture"

what culture and unity for what actually? ermm, sorry to say la kan, but i don't think ALL the students/staffs here are INDIAN. there are, although still very minor, an increasing rate of influx of people from races other than indian that are enrolling or working in aimst.

as you can CLEARLY see, ALL the invited performers are INDIAN. some of them are from astro, or so they boast. if they could invite astro's personalities to perform here, why can't they invite other races from astro as well?

i mean, the chinese need to see their culture too, and since it will be held in ramadhan, it would be nice to hear some marhaban being recited. what about the bumis from west malaysia? they should see their culture being displayed as well right?

i am sure of the MAJORness (got arr such word??) of this event as the tickets are sold even to outsiders as far as in IPOH and of course PENANG.

so, you tell me, is it CULTURAL or INDIAN?

jo-ee says that instead of wasting money and paper for the posters, they could have saved the money and used the paper for other better purposes.

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The Godfather said...

I am indian and i agree with you...i am boycotting this event...tell all other non-indians and indianns to boycott this "show"....i heard outsider ticket sales are bad

I may be indian but this event does not represent my culture, i dont know whose culture it represents but its not mine.

This ridiculous bullshit is not what we need..."mega cultural" my ass...."unity through culture"....which idiot came up with that.... i am sorry to say that this event is gonna be filled with wannabe losers

Boycott it