Wednesday, August 20, 2008

play stop REPEAT shuffle

one thing that you should know about me is that, i HATE REPEATING myself or being REPEATED to. it is like as if i am talking to a stonewall that needs to be reminded of the same thing again and again. or don't they get it that i understand the first time you tell me and no repetition is necessary, unless, i forgot and i ask just ONCE more.

see, they are some ppl in my life that has a problem with handling their own inferiority complexes and they need constant reassurances that their lives are not gonna go down the monsoon drain anytime soon. so, they need to tell me the same thing again and again so that i won't forget them, and they need me to tell them that they are ok, AGAIN and AGAIN.

to me, it is fairly irritating. VERY irritating actually. if everyday (or every hour), you keep on telling me or asking me the same thing, wouldn't you think the answer, in some way, will remain the same?

i assume that you are a reliable person as i am pretty sure that we are all adults. we are not kids that need
constant consolling or need to be told repetitively, right? telling you once or TWICE is still acceptable, but telling you a GAZILLION times??? too much right?

ok, blame it on being forgetful. but you don't have to degrade yourself about it. just brush up your memory capacity and try again. you don't have to say sorry so many times for being forgetful. because at some point, your apology just does not mean anything because it is said too often.

they are also people that were told of the same thing repeatedly but they choose not to comply with the condition, and instead do the things that they are told not to.

ermm... are you dumb or what?

dah cakap secara lembut pun tak faham, cakap secara kasar pun tak faham. susah la macam ni.

if you want to become an idiot, go ahead, be my guest. but please just don't include me in your quest to become one.

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