Friday, August 15, 2008


as long as i can remember, my ma has nicknamed me the "drama queen" of the family. frankly, i am not quite sure of how to go about this nickname. am i supposed to be offended, or am i supposed to be delighted? this is because, to some, being a drama queen means that she is always exagerrating every single thing that is happening in her life. the simplest problems may lead to her bawling her eyes out. also, being a drama queen means that she wants all the space that is occupied by the spotlight.

on the other hand, a drama queen can also mean that she is cool and she knows it. she is herself no matter what the situation is, and sometimes, it is kinda cute to be called a drama queen.

so which one am i?

anyway, this is not about me actually. it is to clarify some things that i have been observing in the general public. when we say "drama" the immediate noun that comes along is "queen", which automatically means the female gender (disclaimer: this is not a feminist entry).

yes it is true. since the birth of emotions, feelings, and all that jazz, the females are closely associated with being more expressive, hence the label being dramatic. we tend to shed those tears while watching movies, we tend to loose our consciousness in a fight, go under a fit if we loose someone special (dead or alive), we just can't contain our emotions as efficient as the males.

well, this was BEFORE.

nowadays, the disco ball has turned and it seems that the males (not the SOFT-phisticated ones, mind), are also following the traits of a drama queen.

they tend to be more emotional in the things they do and sometimes, it is hard for them to separate being professional and being personal. to these drama kings, a small little talk of clearance could end up being a situation where all hell break loose, and on top of that, they will somehow, come back after awhile to rekindle the situation. clearly, they are not too sure of what they want, yeah? one moment they are mad, the other, they regret their harsh actions. why all the unnecessary emotions?

no wonder the EMO revolution is started by the males. i guess this must be the male equivalent of a drama queen.

another example is when they fight with a female. they really can't rationalize. they want to be in the right all the time. so, what do they do? they fight back by running away from the situation. must i ask, is that a manly thing to do? i don't think so.

so, the next time you want to label a female as a drama queen, think again. assess the situation and see. you'll be surprised to note that whatever that she is doing, is far more less severe of an action if compared to a male put in the same situation.

(some) females can handle it better and more maturely these days. don't you agree?

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