Thursday, August 21, 2008

a habit hard to kill

everybody lies. no one can actually run away from it. it is a bad habit that is really hard to get rid of. be it from plain white lies, down to hardcore lies, one will tell it somehow in one's life.

i used to lie alot when i was a very rebellious teenager. i did this simply to get away from the scolding that i know i will get. it is not that i am a naughty child, it is just that i like to do things at the spur of the moment and i don't have enough patience in me then, to wait for an approval to what i wanted to do. so, to me, the best way out was to lie.

and then, it hit me. as the lying gets more frequent, the cover-ups has to be more believable. but i seem to have run out of the skill to do so. i can't seem to keep track of the lies that i have told to get out of a situation. they (the lies) seem to come creeping up to me behind my back, and believe me, once the truth comes out, i am totally under house arrest, or worst, scolding....

nowadays, i believe that telling the truth IS actually the EASY WAY OUT. i know, the truth hurts, but the lies kill. which i'd rather do? the former of course.

i find it much more easier to just come out with the truth from the beginning of the story so that i don't have to device a cover-up. but sometimes, it is hard to tell the truth because some people just choose not to accept them. to them, the truth is like a poison, that they'd rather i tell lies just to satisfy them.

therefore, i have come up with a way to tell them. a way that will benefit me, as well as the person that i am telling it to.

when the situation mandates it, i prefer to tell half truths. it is easier that way, i am sure. i don't have to feel guilty, they don't have to hate me for telling the whole bloody truth. but it is really up to them to accept it or not. you can bring the horse to the waterhole, but you can never make it drink.

if the truth really hurts that bad, at least, half truths won't be half as bad, eh?

but sometimes, just sometimes.... i have to tell those plain little white lies. hehehehe (-.~)

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aiXat.MR said...

been in that shoes during childhood.

tipu, tipu, tipu..

tapi bila difikir semula,
banyak juga penipuan yg tak relevan.

but still, mom and dad pretend like they don't know.

*foolish me~