Thursday, August 21, 2008

when the SCHOOL holz starts.....

.....the wedding invitations start pouring in too!!! it is ALWAYS lidat. just be prepared months earlier by going under a strict diet cause you know that you can never control yourselves when it comes to eating lauk kenduri. thank GOD, i CAN \(^_^)/

last tuesday (19.09.08), pakcik halim (of kampung hilir), had a wedding reception for his daughter. he has been inviting us over again and again since one month back and it would be disrespectful if we did not attend the wedding. therefore, even we had clinics in the morning, we somehow managed to spend some time to attend the wedding that started in the afternoon.

i really don't know why is the JALUR GEMILANG hanging there. i guess it is a part of the celebration coinciding with MERDEKA?

the very few of us that attended the wedding. the boys were somewhere out of this frame.

the kompang people that followed the entrance of the bride and groom.can't imagine how they could stand the heat that was almost scorching!!

the groom's family bringing some tokens for the bride.

the bride and groom. she is really beautiful and sweet looking but the makeup that she had on was a little too heavy. he is from kelantan, she is from kedah. if i am not mistaken, one of them is actually a teacher somewhere. no wonder they want to have reception during school holz!! or is it a trend?

the lunch spread for the bride and groom and their immediate family members.

i have been to many weddings before but i find the weddings that are held in this kampung rather weird. this is because the ladies are separated from the men in terms of is not that they are not allowed to mingle, it is just that they are seated separately. i have been to weddings in hardcore kelantan, but we were not seated separately. is it because it is a tradition here in kedah?

anyway, it does not matter actually because we were seated with the men. the kampung people treated AIMST student like royalties!! seriously!!. whatever that we want, they will accomodate. somethings that we didn't ask for, they just give us. they really pamper us!! they totally treat us differently from the other guests that were there and we feel so honoured to be given such treatment.

usually, we are supposed to be giving some gifts for the bride and groom. but instead, when we went home, we were the one that were bringing gifts from them! local fruits!! seriously, they won't let you go unless you take some home with you and eventhough you have eaten more than enough at the wedding, and they insist that you dropby at their houses, they still want to serve you some refreshments. aiyaaa.... where to fit all that leyy?? so damn bloated already.

moral of the story: when going to weddings in kampungs, come with a REALLY empty stomach. they will want to feed you as if you just came from a place suffering from famine.

but then again, if you are forced to eat JAYA CATERERS food every single day, famine is the nicest way to say about it.

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Izham Miyake said...

sempat lagi promote tu.. hahahaha...