Thursday, August 5, 2010

Can you keep a secret?

Many times people that I know ask me THAT question: "Do you have a boyfriend?". My simple answer is: "No".

So, am I really single and available or am I not? Let me clear your minds that the answer to that question is for me to know and for you to find out, not anytime soon, though. I don't like, like some people I actually know (admittedly shameful to say, related to), LOVES to popularise their love lives on the net, on Facebook, no less. I mean, what is the motive really? Isn't it supposed to be personal and confidential? But when the question like: "When can I save the date already?", arise to their ears, they will be so hesitant to answer it, like as if the question was so acid to take.

I don't know, the way I bring myself, I am sure that many might think that I am snobbish at the first glance. Once I start talking, then they'd really know who I am. I am rather reserved to people whom I am not closed to.

Many a times, guys are bound not to come and approach me simply because I have a strong aura, so they say. Well, yes, I do agree I am confident of myself or at least I try to be, simply because I don't want people to belittle me. But deep inside, I am just an ordinary girl, minus the bimbo hooty crap.

Guys, they like to ask me about my status but only a few that went further and ask me out. I don't usually take the offer because somehow I know that we won't click. Well I am not choosy, I just don't like to waste time.

Let me just declare my status here that I am flirty.



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