Friday, August 19, 2011

HO survival kit: One rotten apple makes the whole basket looks bad.

After posting my last post, I got this hate reply:

"Why you complained? When on call, you or your colleagues complained too much work, to tiring, etc. Now that the shift system is being implemented, you complained that it is way to cut your salary. What do you want? I bet that you just want to stay at home and continue to draw salary, right?"

My reply is:
I challenge you (whoever you are) to check all my punch cards, the times that I spent in hospital; ask all the staff nurses from all the wards that I have been posted in; and then only post a comment.

My advice is:

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Anonymous said...

Who is generalizing? Isn't it true that with the normal office hours and on calls, house officers complained about over work and no life? And now, with successful "reform" from the over-complaining of some house officers on newspapers and to the higher authorities that the shift system is now being implemented, house officers complained about salary being cut. So I asked what do you want? You're not the only one that's hard working, a lot of house officers are hard working too.