Sunday, February 15, 2009

bad news (and it is not opposite day)

we were driving back just now when i had a phone call from mama. she said she had bad news. i thought she was joking, and instead i hoped that there was actually good news that she actually wanted to tell me.

but my hopes were marred.....

it was really bad news.

"alia, he has cancer of the nose and throat and is currently in stage 2"

i was shocked beyond belief. somethings just didn't register at that moment and i was starting to think that mama was speaking in another language. i told her to slow down and repeat everything again. and sadly, the news is true.

he is not doing well even that the chemo and radio has started. getting weak by day and look as if he is on the verge of giving up.well, you know what, with family like ours, we are not going to allow you to give up and you very well know that we are always by your side no matter what. so get off the sad train and fight it. we will win this battle....insya'Allah....

guys, please pray for him to get better and to not give up.



Tati Yacob said...

Hello Love,

Am really sorry to hear the sad news. Is this your stepdad? My prayers are with you

Be strong.


redSeptember said...

Oh my! No tats.nauzubillah... It's mama's brother...