Saturday, February 28, 2009

they said.....

some things that were said during the last 2 weeks that i think is rather cute and witty....i just wanna share this with you guys.

  • standard one pupil to me (was wearing my Diamond-Blakfan): "doctor, awat doctor pakai kasut macam ni?"
  • Thava, when asked if he accidentally fell, as we heard things crashing in the kitchen: "no la, everything else fell, except for me :) "
  • nivas, when asked how come we group of girls have very few luggage: "we are simple people, you see"
  • dinesh, when told to make sure that the pictures turn out pretty: "sorry arr, there is no setting for that :)"
  • thava to me, when i donned the newly made kurung: "is that the new kurung that you made? hey, it is really nice" *blush blush....
  • me to one of the Vektorians who was telling me to not tremble so much while i was smearing the sample for filaeriasis: "yes, doctor" (i so want to see him try!)

there are more actually, but i couldn't quite remember. the memories that we had there was AWESOME, to say the least. i am missing it already....

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