Friday, February 6, 2009

my sister said....

...."thank God that we aren't allowed to have tattoos. i know you too well that if we are allowed to have them, you'd be covered with tattoos!".

yes, i guess she knows me too well :) don't blame me, i think tattoos are cool. anyway, i don't have any. so don't worry.

but today, i managed to talk jo-ee into having one. one that she has been thinking about for the past 6 years but never got around into doing it. so now that her birthday is coming and she has become a much stronger and happier person now, i told her that having this tattoo is like a gift for her from herself and also to signify her strength.

it took her much deliberation, and in the end she had it.

pretty ain't it? this is what the tattooist designed for her, based on the idea that she had.

damn awesome!

and as for me, well, i got my tragus pierced again to replace the one that came off! well, at least that is something i did in the tattoo shop :)


ahmdsyhmi said...

permanent ke ni?


redSeptember said...

ni bukan REd yang buat la. kawan REd yang buat. dia bukan Islam, so it's ok for her ;)

yes, it is permanent

but do you know that orang Islam kat singapore buat permanent tattoo macam selamba je. pelik la. kat sana mazhab lain ke?

ada ke mazhab yang kasi buat tattoo?

ahmdsyhmi said...


u tak bgtau.. :)

sebab ada shop yang buat tattoo yang not permanent..

macam 'airbrush' gitu..

n its look like a real tattoos..


takda mazhab yang halalkan tattoo la REd...

redSeptember said...

really? shop kat mana tu?


tu la kan, mmg takde mazhab yang halalkan buat tattoo kan.

ntah arr orang2 kat sana.