Saturday, February 14, 2009

pricy love and all that confusion

yes, the day that couples and lovers all over the world are waiting for has finally come. the day to celebrate love. Saint Valentine's Day.

personally, i think it is too much hyped, no?

so, when i say this, there are people who will retort back and say:

"you don't have a BF, you wouldn't know what it feels to celebrate today"


"ahh.. you're just jealous because you have no one to celebrate it with"


"we're madly in love. so what is the problem?"

and i will go: "yeah, whatever. as long as you are happy", to all of the above retorts.

i used to celebrate SV day too, back when i had a BF. but after awhile, we didn't celebrate it anymore because i didn't want to celebrate it and i felt like we were just following a trend.'everybody is celebrating it, lets join in the fun!'. and being a person who does not really follow most of the time, i just felt like it ain't right to celebrate it. and now that i am single, i couldn't care anymore.

on this day, everything mushy is overpriced. and i mean OVERpriced. a single stem of rose can come up to about rm12, without the nice packaging. just a stem of rose that would wilt and die in 3 days time.what is the point? and then there are dinner packages for couples in hotels. i was reading a brochure the other day in the students' affair office. Swiss Inn Hotel is offering a package dinner for couples priced at rm150++. i read through the menu and i almost regurgitate my bile when i read the names of the dishes:
  • nothing is gonna change my love for you.....PRAWN SALAD
  • endless love..... CREAM OF CARROT WITH CROUTONS

gawsh! don't they have any other better, or more original names than those? and talking about special as today is supposed to be a special day, the dishes looked very blunt, very usual, and i think my sister (chef-in-training yah) can do much, much better than that. the setup of the dinner is candle lit dinner with romantic songs playing in the background (what else is new?) and couples who don't actually eat the food that are served but merely play around with it, to show that they are classy and not gluttons???, and in the end the food will go to waste. think about the starving people in palestine, africa, sri lanka, what would they do to even get clean water to drink and you are wasting food just like that?!?! sheesh!

and then the chocolates, the teddy bears, the lingeries, the perfumes, the almost everything has a special lovey dovey name to it, for today. they will be priced sky high and these people who celebrate, don't mind spending on them, just to impress the better halves of their lives. but i thought we are facing the ever famous condition, 'recession' nowadays? well, that is what everyone has been complaining. but i still see money being thrown to vendors of this pricy celebration like as if recession wasn't even a word that existed. now, that is weird, don't you think?

what people tend to forget is that SV day is around to celebrate love. yes the big 'L' word. of course as the lyric which reads, 'love makes the world go round', i totally agree to that. but in these trying times, with so many wars, so many political disturbances, so many innocent lives killed because of hate, i quote BLACK EYED PEAS in asking: "where is the love?"

most that are left in the world today, is hate. so what is the point in celebrating 'love day'?

btw, do you even know how and why SV day was celebrated? have you ever read the history of it? or are you just celebrating it because you are 'in love'? before you go to dinner tonight, before you go and meet with the love of your life to give that present to celebrate SV day, before you make yourself smell like a perfume shop just to impress that special someone, take sometime to read the history of celebration of SV day. if the history does not make any difference in your opinion of SV day, well at least you are more knowledgable today about something, eh?

anywho, for those you are celebrating "love" just for today, or maybe especially today, happy V day!!

and oh yeah, that is not V for vandetta.


djambu puadovich said...

well, love is not cheap. it does have a value but it shouldn't come with a price-tag.

love is to be cherished everyday...

Lang Legar said...

I like V day coz there's a lot of good love movies.
And mother's day coz there's lots of good mother's love movies.
Every celebration calls for good movies rite hehe..

nadia said...

ehh. pandai sungguh cik djambu kite berkata2 :P

cinta tak perlu disambut. ia dtg bila kite merasai :)

djambu puadovich said...

nadia x dgr djambu ayat habis-habisan lagi...klo dgr...lembik lutut nanti haa!!!

but then again, talk is cheap :P

redSeptember said...

talk is cheap....

"love" is pricy....

macam mana daa...