Thursday, February 19, 2009

clean hospital canteens?

third day was rather slow. we had the whole morning filled with sessions of briefing and talks. thank God for the free access of wireless internet, i was keeping myself awake and occupied, not with the talks (which i am supposed to), but with the updates online. as the day progressed, it got more interesting. we were allowed to do an evaluation of food premises around Kuala Nerang.

we were divided into 3 groups: 4 - 4 - 3. i was with the guys and the other girls were all together. they were placed at the stalls by the roadside. my team was told to go to the hospital canteen.

talking about hospital canteens, i would expect the level of cleanliness to be up to par as they are serving not only outsiders and staffs, they are also serving the patients in the hospital. i was in for a surprise. i am a very particular person and when i saw the condition that was beyond the counter of the canteen, i couldn't believe my eyes, nor my nose for that matter, as when i opened the fridge, it smelled like some rotten carcass was in there for a long time. the worker had the cheek to tell me that usually, the kitchen is very well organised and clean. but because we came in as a surprise visit, they weren't prepared for us. so, you tell me, what DOES she actually mean? cleanliness is only when the inspectors come around?

during the final evaluation with the HOD of food safety, i marked the premise as being incompetent to operate. i mean, really, they should have high standards for hospitals. but the HOD said that i was too detail in my inspection. but of course sir, if not, there could be an outbreak of food poisoning that we are actually trying to curb!

after much inspection and evaluation, the day ended up on impulse doings. arul, jas and i went in search for material for arul to make a baju kurung. we didn't plan this at all, but because i was the master of persuasion, it happened. she bought some materials and we hunted for a house that has a very well known tailor. eventhough we were tired and weak of the scorching sun, we did make the day a little better by impulse doings. i hope that the kurungs turned out to be perfect!!

p/s: please don't dine at the Kuala Nerang Hospital canteen. save yourself....

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