Wednesday, February 18, 2009

where am i?

yeah, i have not been updating my entry frequently for somedays now. this is because i am posted near thai border, undergoing part II of community medicine. i've never been here before, let alone know that this place ever existed. i am very grateful that i am here, studying in malaysia. it gives me the chance to experience all these and understand the works of the health system in malaysia. all these while, i used to think that doctors are to be in the hospital most of the time and deal with patients only. there is my mistake. now, attached with the health district office of Kuala Nerang, i realized that doctors are not all about clean white coats only, there are many more to being a doctor actually.

DHO (district health office) is all about field work. yes, some may perceive this as work for the health-related workers only but not the doctors. but what we tend to forget that the main person behind a DHO is actually a doctor. yes, he may not be in the field all the time. this is because there are many areas and sections that the DHO handles. so, it is fairly impossible for the doctor to be at each place all the time. but when an area mandates his presence, he will go to the field, to man the work that is going on.

as a doctor-in-training, we are brought to all the areas to experience the programmes that they are doing. everyday there are programmes that are taking place under the watchful eye of the DHO. we are fortunate enough to follow these teams and have a hands-on experience with the works that are taking place.

yesterday, we were following the BAKAS (bekalan air dan kesihatan alam sekitar) team. for the first time in my life, i actually see a hand water pump. had a go on the pump and the water that flows was clear!! i think our piping system in KL cannot beat that water from the pump! we also saw some wells and were introduced to the Gravity Feed System that was situated in Puncak Janing. i have never seen all these systems before and now that i've seen them, i thank God for the easy water access that we have in our homes and we shall learn how not to waste.

and of course the trashing system. that is still something that i squirm at when i take a look. yes, i understand that they are villagers and the mindset is different. but of course they know something about hygiene right? the housing area itself looks like a dump and i am so saddened by this. they have been educated and they have been told of the consequences if hygiene is not kept. but they couldn't be bothered. how else can we ensure a healthy community if they themselves do not want to accept? no matter what, we shall not give up. at least we know that we tried....

half of yesterday was mainly on the road and in the jungle. we came back to the house, tired and tried. everyone was on their bed, fast asleep, taking their noon naps. but as tired as i am, i can't. i was too pumped up for the evening programme...

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