Thursday, December 11, 2008

"the number that you dialled is reachable"

last saturday, i had the weirdest phone call ever! i was on the verge of sleeping when my phone rang and it was an international call. without thinking, i just picked it up and on the other line was my dear old friend from Russia, Ching. i thought she called to say "hi" or to ask how am i doing and all. instead, she called and asked: "alia, do you want anything from amway? because this will be my last order before i go to Moscow?" i was like: "what?!"

ching: "hey, how come you sound so surprised? are you in 5th hostel?"
REd: "ching, do you know where i am right now?"

she went silent for a brief moment and then.....

ching: "OH MY GOD!! alia i am so sorry!! i made the wrong phone call!!"
REd: "yes ching. i am in Malaysia and i have been missing from Russia for the past 3 years!"
ching: "ok ok, i'll get in touch with you in awhile"

i was smiling and laughing on my own. and then the phone signalled an incoming SMS. ching said that she was just talking to utra (another dear friend of mine) about me and how different it would be if i were still there with them. she said that it is evident that i am not lost from their minds. i felt so touched and i miss them badly, really.... i hope to see them soon.

and yesterday, another phone call from someone i did not expect to call me AT ALL. yuki, he called me, just to check on me. yeah, we had tonnes of history together but now, we are friends. more like, i am his go-to person. any probs he has, he talks to me, via SMS or phone. says that i am always there for him when he needs me. well, i am glad to hear that. i mean, it doesn't hurt to be friends after so long eh?

wonder who will call me out of the blue next? someone from Odessa? :D


u know who :P said...

ouch!!! how to call? no phone number...

redSeptember said...

cute nick ;)

how to give, never ask also?