Friday, December 5, 2008

1000 + lasik

we (jo-ee and i) were so damn bored last weekend. we didn't know what to do. we didn't want to go to the mall cause it is just a waste of time and money. we did our grocery shopping already, so there was actually no strong reason for us to go out. so, as i was looking around the house for something to do, i found this box lying there in the living area. touched, but never tempted. as i am a fan at doing jig-saws, i braced myself and started the jig-saw. not long after that, jo-ee came along. and we soon became addicted.

this is a 1000-piece puzzle. we finished this puzzle in the span of about 20hours, but not all in one day, as of course we too aren't that patient. but finishing this jig-saw, my eyes are starting to squint. hehehe. i guess i would have to undergo lasik surgery to correct it huh.

the jig-saw did not come with the special glue. so i modified the situation and used the normal glue. usually, i don't like my hands to be covered in glue cause i know for sure that it is hard to come off. but because of this jig-saw, i didn't mind at all, so long that we finish the blahdy thing.

so, there you go, it is done and over with and it is waiting to be framed. not by us of course. because the puzzle does not actually belong to neither of us. hehehe. we nabbed it and just did it. it says there "love is kind". well, it sure is. if love ain't kind, i would have torn the pieces into tiny, unrecognizable shreds simply because i can't take the white part of the jig-saw!!

in the end, satisfaction was definitely guranteed.

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