Wednesday, December 31, 2008

i am missing you already....

nana, jom tiup babels
nanti babels tu terbang kat nana ok
bila nana jauh kat sana
kakak lin will blow babels from here
the babels will carry a message from me to you
"i miss you"

nana, jom tiup babels
kakak lin tau la kakak lin too old for this
so much older than you
but you have grown on me
sometimes, i see myself in you
tapi nana dah nak pergi kan?
then i won't see you anymore, and i won't see me too...

nana, jom tiup babels
nanti babels tu cantum jadi besar
cepat la
kakak lin takut they fall apart
like how i am afraid that we might grow apart
we are close
too close to tell the difference between us

nana, jom la tiup babels....
nanti tak sempat
nana dah nak pergi kan?
nanti kena tunggu lama lagi before dapat tiup babels like this together

nana dapat tak message dalam babels tu?
it says....
"jangan lupa kakak lin ok"
"have fun there"
"jangan naughty"
"i am missing you already"


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