Wednesday, December 10, 2008

GIANT, Kota Damansara

just something to share with you guys. this is the brand new addition to the vast expanding economical upturn of the Kota Damansara district (formerly know as "cowboy town" because it was so dead quiet and isolated, nobody knew where it was). now, as you mention the place Kota Damansara, everyone has their GoogleEarth on and surprisingly, it has been bookmarked and saved for future reference. amazing what 7 years can do to a place eh?

so, as we had a family dins last saturday, yah and i had to go get some stuffs to make the dessert. we were from OU, so we didn't want to go there again. we are rather bored with TESCO, and COLD STORAGE is just a tad too expensive. so, we decided to go to GIANT, Kota Damansara.

as it is the weekend, we were sure that will be throngs of people flooding that place. but just out of curiosity, we went for the kill.

as we arrived and had the perfect parking spot, i was actually amazed with the place. it is clean, it is huge, and it has so many other small shoplots and stalls within the whole building. even JCo doughnuts that could be found in Pavillion is here. there are so many things to see but too little time were on our hands.

Giant itself has 2 storeys (i think). the floor above sells all the household items, electrical items, and whatnots. the ground floor however, displays the clothes, food items, cleaning compounds, and all that. really, if i were to stay there awhile longer, i might be buying things that i shouldn't have but just out of impulse, i will.

the produce look rather fresh and the setup is systematic and clean. i'll let you in a little secret though: they are selling tonnes of things that are actually CHEAPER than other Giant and other hypermarts. well, prolly cause it is still brand new and they need to attract the crowd.
so, before the end of the year, make a point to go there at least once and stock-up! really, the price slash is worth spending some petrol money over. and when i say stock-up, be prepared to have a clean bill of at least rm100.

so, what are you waiting for? go already!

pp/s: it is located behind Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara. follow the arrows, you can't miss it.


athena said...

good info. (thumbs up)

Mohd Adam-Zurairi Mohd Rawi said...

sempat lagi..smbil shopping smbil capture pics..hehehe