Thursday, December 18, 2008

StarWalk 2008

ok, this is a little too late. but because i just only learned how to do the slideshow thingy *thanks shad*, and of course because i have ample time (for now la), i shall post this.

yeah, this is my first ever StarWalk experience. the night before the walk, we slept over in Jo-ee's unc's house (till now, i can never remember his name). we arrived rather late due to the jam that we were in. as soon as we arrived, we were snacking on our addiction, popiah skin :P. we turned in late because we were high on the skins and also because we were glued on astro. the alarms were set to 0445 the next morn. i remembered hearing the alarm went off but i don't remember getting up to it. until uncle came and asked: "weyy jo-ee, you want to go or not?" by that time, it was already, 5 mins passed 5 in the morn and we were like: "what!??!?!"

got ready, got set, and went! we were driving like mad and we were on adrenaline rush. excitement got the best of us. thank God we got a good parking space, right in the PISA compound. went to re-register and got ourselves the wristband. yet, we were still rather early. so decided to go have some brekkies as the tummies were singing an unbearable song. lucky for us, there was a mamak nearby. and since it was supposed to be a "walk", i had my food. if it were a run, i don't think i would want to eat anything in fear of contracting a stitch while running.

right before the run, some hotel employees donning the holiday colours and christmas costumes decided to grace our walk with their presence. they were fun to be around with. took some photo ops and then, i couldn't think anymore. all i wanted to do was start the walk already. we assembled at some point, and then off we went! the shot from the pistol (thank God there were no dead birds soon after) signalled our take off.

i started off with baby runs, and then i was afraid that i might be disqualified (altho i am a non-competitor), so i walked like for 100m, and then i was like: "oh crap!" i started running again. with my radio on, my heart happy, my mind free, i ran all the way, all the 10km, all the hilly part, all the supposedly "walk". when i arrived, my legs didn't want to stop. it was still in the running mode. as i tried to stop myself from running at the finishing line, my legs were kicking away like the legs of a horse. like what the eff?

water!! i need to rehydrate!! amazingly, altho with a full tummy after the brekkie, i didn't contract the dreaded stitch. alhamdulillah... went into PISA compound and hunt for water. whatever form of liquid that was offered, i was reluctant, but i took it in, i really was dehydrated! first, half a cup of MALTA (yuck!!), then half a cup of 100+ (ok la), then some FITNESS cereal (minus the milk.yummy!!), and finally, a bottle of mineral water. ahhh... heaven!

walked around and had a look-see of the stalls that were up, while waiting for jo-ee to arrive. DIGI happened to be the main sponsor for that day. i played the spin-the-wheel at the PALLAS stall and won myself a bowling voucher that i know i will never use. took more pix of the fancy costume competition. and prayed that my number will be called for the lucky dip. but too bad, we can't stay. jo-ee was rushing for time as she had her first prom to attend to that evening.

all in all, i knew i had fun that day. currently, my mind is set for next year's penang bridge run. i wanna run. i like running. it makes me feel free.

you should try it too. come RUN with me.


djambu puadovich said...

you are suppose to WALK...hence starWALK...

hehe :P

dah canggih eh skrg, ada slide2 show bagai?

redSeptember said...

i know. tak dapat arr... i really can't walk, rasa macam tak seronok lak. lari lagi best.

ya lorr, baru tadi belajar macam mana nak guna. nnt takyah nak restrict gbr, main upload je ni... :)

F.A.Z.R.U.L.L.S said...


Tq coz buzz me via Ym.. hee today little bit busy with work.. hate it.. hee..

StarWalk.. hmm masuk sekali dalam seumur hidup.. heee.. orang regiser 5.45.. saya kul 7 baru sampai.. hee.. apa lagi.. ..dengan tak daftar.. terus ja jalan haha. penat ja dapat terus singgah kedai mamak dan pekena teh tarik & roti canai.. lepas tu ke roadwalk tengok barang2...

redSeptember said...

hang pun pi ka hari tu? awat hang tak habaq? bleh lari sesama. hari tu cek lari sorang aja sebab kawan cek sakit lutut. sian kat dia.

tapi sebenaqnya la kan, kalau masa lari, cek mmg tak cakap apa la. diam aja.... hehehe