Tuesday, December 2, 2008

"hello. my name is....."

we are all given our names by our parents or maybe our names were suggested by some close family members or friends.

but as we grow up, not many of us actually retain the name. it is more like a formality to have a name so that you can use it for registration purposes. i am sure that many of us have lived most of our lives answering to nicknames, rather than the given name. reason being, it is much more easier to remember a person like that. i mean, nicknames are what people know you as, sometimes, it just defines you.

so, here you go, some of the funny nicknames that are in my family and some that i have given to my friends:

myself: AKA marlyne, lynn, mok (my dad and some of my family members used to call me by this name when i was younger as i was an obesed child), ain (from my teachers in school), tengko (when i was aneroxic 3 years back).

my ma: cik ham, mama long, mama ham.

my dad: abu, abs ketau (i seriously have no idea why???), mr. magoo, papa long.

my bro: mat tumin, aminah hassan, bamin, pott.

my 1st sis: yah, cik yah.

my 2nd sis: nana, nana nurgaya, baby.

my 3rd sis: leya, ya.

my 4th sis: bee, amani.

khairun: kings (only i call her this), cen (because she is like the mushroom after a rain. tumbuh merata. she is always everywhere).

ain: si kin (hehhehe... and i will be cik an for her).

my uncle: acun.

my aunt: bunyow.

so what is your nickname? or the weirdest nicks that you have in your circle of people?

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