Saturday, December 6, 2008


we went to watch the long awaited "Twilight" just now. my expectations were high as i have already read the book. from the book, the characters are deadly gorgeous (excuse the pun) and they are so extraordinary (of course they are, they are vampires!!) that you wish that you are one of them (well, at least i do).

but as always, the movie is NEVER better not even close to as good as the books. remember "the other boleyn girl"? how i was so frustrated with the movie, i nearly sent a hate mail to the director? i mean, how could they (the authours) allow their good books be degraded by directors who just tell half truths??

well, anywho, apart from my disappointment, i somewhat did enjoy the movie. and no wonder why. edward cullen. gawsh!! ok fine, he is fictional. the whole thing is. but the way he cares for bella swan, the way he wants bella swan, the way he needs bella swan, he is so romantic. she is his personal brand of morphine. he is protective of her, but he is not obsessed by her. he can't bear to see her get hurt. she is his life.

but of course, it is impossible for them to be together. simply because he is immortal, and she is well, human. going against all odds, they still strive to be together. she understands him, his family, his life. she don't mind him. he on the other hand, cannot reveal himself in her world. he has to remain a secret. a love story that i could only wish i am in.

after watching it, i wonder, where is my edward cullen? will he ever be around? will i ever experience what bella swan has with him?

i am waiting.


Lang Legar said...

watch it and quite OK la but I didn't get the chance to read the how many book exactly for this series cause it seems like there is another sequel following the hanging ending..

Zazalicious said... surprise there..
I am an ardent fan of Harry Potter & LOTR and look what happened to the movies..That was why even with all the hype and commotions about Twilight, I promised myself that I will not succumb to it and pay MYR10 for the movie..**i rather pay MYR5, once its on pirated DVD**anyway Alia....sowwii, baru prasan about the tag-thingy..shall do it right away, Ma'am..he he he he..Happy Eidl Hajj, anyways...

redSeptember said...

ada lang. i think ada 3 buku lagi after the first one.

uishh zaa, ko jgn advert ko bli pirate kat sini. mau2 kena tangkap nnt. hampeh aja...