Sunday, January 2, 2011

Every girls' dream

I was on the phone with Kris (not her real name) yesterday and as usual, we taunt each other at the beginning of the conversation which will then flow on to the usuals of as asking her daily activities and gossip. Oh yes, as much as we try not to, it is human nature (read: men and women) to just gossip about anything and everything under the sun.

The topic chosen was about most girls and their dreams. This girl named Selena (not the real name) has been talking to her other colleagues that it is time that Selena has to get married. This is because most of the other friends are married and have babies. So Selena feels left out.

Poor Selena , wanting to get hitched just to be the in group, which also means, getting hitched for all the wrong reasons.

I guess the topic somewhat got itself embedded in my hippocampus and it became a memory. I wasn't thinking about it all but subconsciously, it stayed there like a dormant virus waiting for the right time to show itself.

The latent period was not that long, as last night, I had a dream about that very topic.

I was at a performance gig, where I was on stage with my guitar with some other friends. When I wanted to play, the string broke so I had to run down and borrow a guitar from the other teams. I managed to do so, from a person that I knew before.

While we were performing, the guy whom I borrowed the guitar from, he came out from backstage and proposed to me, right smack in the middle of the performance. I was so shocked. I couldn't answer him. I was with mixed feelings: excited that someone was proposing, afraid that this will be it, commitment. And then something else happened, I couldn't quite remember and I woke up, still haven't given the answer.

If it did happen in the real world, I might be running towards the other direction, not knowing what to do.

I have an aversion towards this kind of thing.

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