Monday, January 3, 2011


Someone once told me that the life that we are living in right now, it has all been scripted since the beginning of time. Whatever that occurs, whatever path that we choose, whatever that we will be, has all been written. We are just actors and actresses that walk the stage that we call earth.

Sometimes, I wish not to believe that because I question myself, why would God want to script bad things to happen in our lives? Why can't it be all sunshiny and smooth-sailing all the way. Why must there be poverty, war, hate and all that that is terrible?

And then I sat back and think again. Of course there must be a balance in everything. God will not give us problems that we can't solve. He knows us better than anyone, even better than ourselves. Therefore he gives us problems, as a test, for us to find a solution, for us to be a better person, for us to excel in our lives that He has given us.

There are many things running and colliding in my life at this moment. When they all happen together, I feel like I wanna run away from it all and just let go. But after awhile, I know that that won't solve anything, in fact, it will make it worse. All I can do is try my level best not to give up and solve these matters. Ask for help. And finally pray that it will all go down a lighted path for me.

I want this more than anything right now. I can't just hold back anymore.

I don't know what my life was scripted to be. But if this is a challenge in the script that I have to go through, Insya'Allah, I will.

I want to go through this last leg of this chapter of my life.

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