Saturday, May 31, 2008

round round the mulberry bush

laundry day is not a predetermined day in this household. whenever the hamper is full of dirties, then it calls for the washing to be done. laundry day started yesterday by washing the coloured ones first. today, it is the whites turn.

i put in the dirties in the washer and load it up with detergent and softener. push some buttons here, set the timing there... and START!

this is the odd part: i will wait for the water to go up to the required level and then when it starts to whirl around, i will just stand there to watch it go round and round and round. somehow, this gives me a nice feeling. i like watching the washer whirling and twirling and then the soap suds start to build up....ahhh.... nice..... don't ask me why, i myself oso donna why i like looking at this machine doing what it does best: WHIRLING.

i think mama oso likes to look at the washer at this point because she will leave the lid up to see the thing build up the soap and then close the lid much later. sometimes, she forgets to close the lid that the machine goes on idle after the washing stage. ehheheheh

yeah, i am odd. kill me already.

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