Sunday, June 1, 2008

SUMMIT of euphoria

initially, the plan on sat morning was to go to this fashion junkyard sale in bangsar. but somehow, after getting all dolled up and almost ready to go, yah decided to bail out on us on the pretence that she didn't know that she was supposed to come with. Gawsh!! did i not tell her lastnight that we were ALL going? whatever....

i am a bargain hunter, seriously. i go on9 and check out the places that are having really good sale, any junkyard sales, any good offers, and i am game to go. if i am not mistaken, the SUMMIT was supposed to have the weekend bazaar like what we can find at the CURVE. so, nana and i, we went there, with high hopes to find the weirdest or cutest things that we usual buy on impulse and end up not knowing what to do with them later.

as we were looking for the bazaar area when we arrived at the summit, we stumbled upon an open floor sale by GUARDIAN.

serious weii.... it is damn CHEAP!! right about now, i am pretty sure that mama is rolling her eyes while reading this, and thinking: "alah, mesti semua dah nak expired la tu or the things mmg dah rosak". well, not really.

these are the products that i bought: vitamin C drink powder that costs rm10 for 225g, expires in november 2009. the hair butter (the one in the tube), made in france is only rm5. the nutralife suppliment costs rm6 for 30capsules and expires in may 2009. so i guess the price is fair enough as i am pretty sure that i will finish using these products by the end of this year itself.

some of the other products that made me goo goo ga over their offers were:
  • tressemme conditioner: a HUGE bottle costs rm15
  • dettol shower gel/cream: 2 HUGE bottles costs rm15
  • cute little stationery set: rm5
  • saint ives facial washes: rm8 for big tube

....and many more le. but i didn't get them cause hehehehe.... kena budget. tukang chop duit (mama) takde kat sini currently, so kena berwaspada dalam berbelanja. hehehehe

nana is currently addicted to chocolates. prolly her cycle time is up. anyway, these are what she bought: CHOCOLATES!!! oh my GOD!! i nearly died ok. these are HERSHEY'S chocolates (except for the TOP brand), and they smell owh-so-good. all i can do is look at her enjoying them and yeah, me drooling over them. control RED....control..... the TOP and the NUTRAGEOUS chocs costs rm 3 for each bundle of 5 sticks. and the HERSHEY'S CREAMY MILK CHOCOLATE costs rm2 for 2 bars. ain't these a great steal?!?!?! ok, the expiry dates for these are in the end of this year. but what the heck right? who keeps HERSHEY's for more than a month?? tak sempat dowh!

all the time that i was there i kept on telling nana that mama will go crazy over this sale as she loves to go to guardian. i bet she'd buy one or 2 of each and every product that are on sale there. i have no idea till when is this sale but i hope it is till the end of next week cause maybe i can go there and get some more things heheheh... or maybe if mama nak pesan apa2?

ok, get your a$$ moving already. this STEAL ain't coming to you, you have to go to it.

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