Saturday, June 7, 2008

hey TONY! (godfather style)

we had a sitdown yesterday with the "godfather" AKA pott. it was their 2nd year anniv (YAY!! :D ) as well as narisha's birthday. the proposed cuisine was japanese (yet again, hehehehe) but in the end, we had a change of plan. we ended up settling in TONY ROMA'S at the PAVILLION.

there we 5 of us: RED, pott, sha, yah, and nana. initially, before the change of plan, we had to vote between TONY ROMA'S and TGIF. well, you've read about the last shaite treatment that we had in TGIF the CURVE. still tormented by the experience that we had there, i decided to vote for TR (also because i haven't tried TR before). i have heard many mixed testimonials about this resto, so i wanna see and taste it for myself.

yah and mama had tried TR at CINELEISURE. they found a big fat caterpillar in their meal!! because of that, they vouch not to eat there anymore. a few of my friends who tried TR however, said that they had a good meal and it was tasty. so, which one is true? well, here is my say about TR (exclusively for the one at the PAV only. because with chain restos like this, it is easy to find flaws when the chain manager is an a$$ who does not care for his branch i.e. TGIF the CURVE <~NEVER GO HERE!!).

the menu was very thin and the choices were very minimal. but they allow you to customize your sides and your toppings with the main dish. just request your choice of food preparation and they'd make sure that you get it as how you want it to be.

we were dead hungry when we arrived because we were stuck in traffic for about 2 hours, and 30mins was taken to cast the vote of where to chow. we made sure our waiter knew this and he was sweet enough to serve us complimentary breads to "alas perut". although it were complimentaries, we were allowed to refill too. ain't that cool?!?!

then it came the time to order (i hate this part because i am really fickle). although the choices were minimal, it is kinda hard to choose as you wanna try everything on the menu!!

so, we decided to order different dishes each and pick off on each other's plate later so that we could try most of the dishes that are on the menu.

our waiter cum sauce somelier. he is so attentive and nice. see, i like this branch because the waiters are of all ages, not those typical teenagers that work in these kind of restos and do their jobs half-heartedly. mr. waiter was giving us the laydown of the sauces that they had and he was making us feel comfortable and made sure we enjoyed our meal and dining experience.

the choice of BBQ sauces that were presented by mr. waiter, on a plate. a smiley completed with a mole :).

-RED hot BBQ sauce

-honey caramila BBQ sauce

-smokies BBQ sauce

-original BBQ sauce

~~my personal fav: RED hot of course!!

these were what we ordered:

fried mushrooms : accompanied by honey mustard sauce. they loved it! clearly RED tak makan ni kan because it is FRIED (control...control....).

TONY asian salad: this is what i ordered for myself. i ordered the full plate and boy it was huge!!! it was topped with an asian sauce and grilled chicken breast pieces. it was really nice, the greens were plenty, they weren't shy of giving the chicken and the dressing was oriental in taste. i couldn't finish it, had to share it. in the end, yah finished it for me.

i also ordered a side of corn on the cob without the butter. even this was really nice.

shrimp pasta: nana's order. the portion was BIG that nana obviously cannot finish it. since we were all picking on each other's plate, she was on the safe side. i was shocked to see that the amount of shrimps that were in there were easily equal to the amount of pasta. read: PLENTY! the shrimps were succulent and fresh. the dish wasn't too greasy and nana enjoyed her shrimps (she love them!!).

full rack of ribs: pott had this. it came with a side of slaw and fries (you can choose your own sides). i had a taste of the famous TR ribs and lemme tell you, the meat just flakes off the bones! HO CHIAK!! if you don't wear the bib that they provide, don't even attempt to eat the ribs. it can get very messy because it is really delish.

b'day panda's order was the combo platter that came with grilled prawns on skewers and a slice of beef steak. her sides were fries and slaw.

i had one of the prawns to taste, didn't quite like it as compared to nana's shrimps. but sha finished her platter so i guess it must be tasty.

the platter also came with shitake mushrooms to be eaten with the steak.

TONY beef patty: yah ordered this. i quote: "i am not impressed by the burger". tapi aku tengok, habis aja burger tu. she still is very adamant and believe that TGIF is so much better. she sure or not??

the ingreds that were in the burger looked really fresh especially the greens. the patty was an inch thick and the burger was definitely bigger than those from McD.

she had to eat it with the fork and knife because it was to big to bite into it!

in the end, some complimentary mints were given. that is a good fine touch in the end.
i couldn't get my hands on the bill because pott had kept it before i could even ask. therefore i have no idea how much each and every dish costs. but what i can say is that it is worth it.
so go ahead and try TR, but not the one at CINELEISURE ok.

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