Saturday, June 7, 2008

snap happy (^o^)

you'd never guess how much i got this top for. total STEAL! playing dress up again. PUMA shop. simply [heart] the box cap.

this was snap accident, literally. my cam was lagging and i somehow caught sha on memory :P

at BR cafe, waiting and snapping. sedih tak dapat tengok kungfu panda.

newbie blogger (ahaks!), too bz with his new SONY ALPHA.

waiting for the sins to come around and bring us to culinary heaven.

reflection. nana nampak macam bowhsan aja tu kenapa?

G-Thugs. i look good with the cap eh? hehhehe


Nana said...

nana tak boring pun..xP..cantik je kaklin dengan topi tu :)

Anonymous said...

Bitch! You look hot! Hehehehe :D

redSeptember said...

babe... don't tarik my kaki la dey... i tembam arr sekarang. feel so damn fat! T_T