Saturday, June 14, 2008

day six: still in week one (boleh kiok la macam ni...)

today 11 of us went back to kampung hilir to do the tagging of houses for our survey chapter that will be held on the week of homestay. we were using the reference map that was drawn the night before and hoping to GOD that the map tallied with the real geographical state of the kampung.

aku dah said awal2, cross check with the setiausaha, and make sure that we are on the right track before we start. but no one wanted to listen to me. so, what happened was, we went and started tagging almost blindly.... within 1 hour, we managed to tag only 5 houses. crazy ain't it?

there were fights, there were suggestions, there were confusions, there were everything except a smart solution to the problems that we were facing (and still are i think) while going around the kampung to tag the houses. luckily i had my N93i (which kept me sane and i am totally thankful of), with which i started doing what makes me smile most.... SNAP HAPPY.....

masih ada lagi rumah yang made out of wood. i tot in this modern world, this kind of houses dah extinct. as we were going round the kampung, i also noticed that most of the toilets are those that are outside the houses. thank GOD i know that my foster's house has their toilets in the house and i hope that i can survive the toilets (i am dead fussy about it ok).

the kampung people are also very the smart one. they very updated about the petrol price hike. i have proof ok. see the hybrid ride that i found? haaa..... len kali, naik keta macam ni aja. takyah kuar duit nak isi minyak and kaki pun boleh jadi kuat kan. it is a win-win situation, or rather a really SMART solution :P

this is one of the house that i take as rather canggih looking. it has its roof arched really high. traditionally, this is done so that the ventilation system is good and it keeps the house breezy and cool.

kita ada ASTRO aja. tgk orang kampung hilir ada apa? satellite dish terus!!! terkojut RED tengok ni. saper dapat dok rumah ni, mmg untuk tak ingat la....

the time when we sesat (we sesat all the time actually, padahal kampung tu kecik aja). lembu yang tengah chilling tu pun boleh laugh at us (gelak dalam hati la orang kata).

bila nampak orchids ni, terus teringat kat mama. she loves orchids more than any other flowers on earth. so i took these for her, to remind her of her beauty.... ceeewaaahhh......

my favourite (one of it la) fruit (nangka), wrapped in this basket-like contraption made out of i don't know what, to keep the squirrels away. hopefully when we stay there they are ripe enough to be eaten. can't wait!!

nasib baik i didn't pick one up and pop it in my mouth ( i do this most of the time when i see edible plants). they smell really funky when they are in the halfway dried and shrivelled up state. these are what we call asam keping.

....when they finally dried up....

"mara ke hadapan!!", teriak yiu maeng masa kami dah bebetul sesat. (-_-")

when i looked at the pokok getah that were freshly toreh to extract the susu getah, rasa macam nostalgic gila. but i am not THAT old ok.... saje je nak amik feel, orang kata.

setelah dah confuse macam beruk makyeh, setiausaha tu pun dah kesian tengok our team. so he called us in to the mph to clarify some stuffs for us (still didn't make much diff). he was really sweet to get food for those hungry tummies and he didn't even ask for a single cent! RED tak makan la because it was mee hoon and me goreng with regular coke. nasib ada mineral water, so i was fueling on that and some rambutans that i picked while we were walking. see, i am not a mapper, i was merely there this morn to be the rapport person. but i also don't want to be redundant. so, i became the blood sugar monitor for the team. as they were getting famished, i picked some ceri malaysia to fill them up and also bought some aiskrim batang to get their sugar levels back up. kesian RED tengok derang. i didn't know where to get the aiskrims. so, RED upah the kids to go and get them for me by buying the kids the aiskrims as well. they were so so so happy. i was more than glad to see every1's smile .....

when we got back to campus, we drew the new map that we got while we walked thru the kampung this morning. this is my foster dad (got his pic somewhere hanging in the mph wall).

day 6: i was awake since 0500 hours and i am still awake till now (2247 hours). was on the workfield since 0830 hours till 1840hours.

tomorrow is the 7th day of the week, and we will still be working....

my insomnia is in full gear, i am still fat, i crave for coffee.

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