Tuesday, June 3, 2008

something FISHy going on

tonite's dinner menu:

baked cod seasoned with crushed garlic, seasalt, cracked black pepper

mashed spuds with milk and whipping cream, seasoned with seasalt and pepper (courtesy of yah)

oil-free mixed vegie stirfry with oyster sauce

baked beans (alah...come out from the tin one)

table setting for three. we ended up being all full.



Anonymous said...

Good job, pandai dah puteri2 ku memasak. Keep it up, insyaAllah satu hari open2 kedai kecik ok. Love you all so so much.

shopforshoppers said...

Salam Red...

Pandainya dia masak...letaklah resepi nya sayang...

redSeptember said...

resepi? hehheehhe

namanya resipi "main campak" aja. apa yang ada kat dapur tu, cuba la masak. insya'Allah sedap.

alah, masakan budak2 bujang. asal kenyang, alhamdulillah.

nnt next time kalau ada benda besh, insya'Allah i'll put up the resipi k

athena said...

waiyoo! look so yummy la the mashed potato. red, sharing is caring...:P

13may said...

best best :D

BasH said...

OMG,,,,trus jadi lapar neh...redbean?? yummy...makan dengan roti gardenia..

redSeptember said...

nak recipe mashed spuds ye? kena tanya my sister.

hehehe... alah masak besa besa aja ni...

kalau nak join,meh le. hari tu tak tgk kami masak padprik campur lagi. hehehe

Amira said...

umm... for the mash ah, in my opinion the best potatoes to use would be our local potatoes. They're cheap and easy to get but most importantly they don't absorb too much water. Don't bother with the russet potatoes a.k.a U.S potatoes, although most books say its the best for mashed potatoes

3 nos potatoes (peeled, cut into big chunks)
20g Butter/Margarine
-crushed black pepper

1. Boil water with lots of salt but not ridiculously salty like sea water.

2. Throw in the potatoes once the water boils and LOW DOWN the fire to a simmer. Poach till potatoes are soft (around 30 mins more or less)

3. Once potatoes are fully cooked mash them and add the butter while potatoes are still hot, stir in the butter till its fully melted

4. Mix in the milk and cream till the mash reaches the correct consistency (up to you, i prefer mine on the drier side)

5. Finally, season it with salt and pepper to taste.

6. Makan la, apa lagi? :P

athena said...

Amira, TQ so much for the recipe!!