Friday, June 6, 2008

new attractions in sunway lagoon.

yesterday afternoon, i went to sunway lagoon. i was excited, really, to know that there are many new attractions. the first that caught my attention was the SCREAM PARK. i tot it was gonna be so lame that'd i'd actually yawn in there. boy, was i in for a surprise!

of course i can't be snap happy in the scream park right? so, i took this after photo of its entrance, far far away from the door, using the highest zoom on my camera, simply because i was still palpitating when i came out from there.

it was pitch black in there and there were less than 10 of us at a time. as we entered, we were welcomed by the ghost that was really living in its role. he guided us to the screening area where we stood in line to watch the screen and at the same time, we were scared to death by the sudden appearance of the ghosts, literally in your face, or down your back. feck!! i hate being scared lidat.

then, after the screening, we were brought to another area where the ghost gave us 3D glasses to be worn. we entered the tube-like contraption where everything starts spinning. seriously, i nearly barfed! imagine trying to walk straight when things are all spinning around you and they are in 3D! then with the glasses still on, you'd have to cross this haphazard room that is so dark, you can only see the 3D, and there were ghosts and pyrotechniques around each corner.

after the 3Ds, we were told to enter the prison area where the lights keep on flickering (which made me totally dizzy) and the prisoners were mad people screaming at you and staring at you straight in the eye.

kudos! to this attraction. aku mmg takut siot! bukan main2 ni.

then, we walked and walked and walked to look for other newly installed attractions since i didn't wanna ride the old rides and i didn't feel like going into the water cause there were too many people and i can see from far that the water has changed from clear to cloudy, YUCK!

i HAD to snap this. duckling = mama.
i have heard so much about the petting zoo in sunway lagoon. i even went online to check it out. looked very promising and the entrance fee was sky-high! since we were there yesterday, went to check it out......

the rabbit was so agitated that he was kicking like mad when i wanted to hold it up. it is supposed to be a petting zoo kan?? the turtle on the other hand was trying to mate with the rabbit hehehehe... clearly, the stress level of the animals are intolerable!!

snowy: the albino monkey who was only nice to the alpha males. she bit me weii.... nasib la tak kena rabies kan.

this pony was just standing there, i was trying to pat it but it stood there like a log. seriously, i pity all these animals.

it was almost like zoo negara (i had a terrible entry on this one), only more expensive and less animals. it was not well kept to its standard and the smell was..... i don't even wanna go there....

they also had the XTREME PARK, as one of the latest addition in sunway lagoon. but when we wanted to go on the G-force ride, it was closed. what the hell??

why bother advertise new attractions when you don't even wanna let people ride?

and the entrance fee is so fecking expensive now that for all parks it is rm90 each! gila ke apa?


Anonymous said...

hi i'm syah..

it's sunway lagoon season pass!
adult(all parks)= RM388/year *normal price=RM72/day
family-2adult,2children(all parks)= RM1058/year *normal price=RM256/day

anyone interested plz gimme a call/sms..
03-56390000(sunway office)

*free entrance for you and 40% discount for additional friends(6 max) for the whole year!
come everyday also can.. :)
plus 50% discount for any sunway room rates and lots more!

La don said...

Thanks for writing this.

redSeptember said...

thanks la don for dropping by :)