Monday, June 30, 2008

you ain't heavy, you can't bring me down

last friday, we had to do a "fashion parade" to be criticised on our way of dressing and the way we bring ourselves to the public. this came up due to the circular that came from the hospital (HSAH) regarding on how students should dress to the hospital. see, my campus has its own dresscode. but now, we have to follow the hospital dresscode even while we are in campus. what the hell? we are a private institution and have no connection to the hospital. but we have to follow the rules of the hospital?

i was the first to walk the "fashion parade". i don't even know what was i supposed to do or say. since i think this is a waste of time and does not relate at all in terms of our studies, i just selamba go there and said a few words. then, i took off as i seriously do not see any point in doing it. the time for us is so precious that we should have used it to finish up our work rather than parading like a bunch of ass-kissers.

this morn, the PROFESSOR, who is not local, who conducted the "fashion parade", and who also always lecture us about time wasting, said that he wanted to see me afterwards. ok, so, i went to see him.

he asked me why i left after the parade. i said cause it was a waste of time and i see no relevance in it. and then, the "counselling" (as he put it) started. he said he is doing it for a reason. by me leaving, i wasn't following his instructions (but there were many others who didn't even attend the damn thing, why only me that he wanted to talk to?). the way i dress was inappropriate (pakai seluar hitam putih and blouse biasa pun salah? a girl was wearing t-shirt, above knee skirt and slippers, ok aja), when i went to speak, i was arrogant. he asked me, "do you know why people are arrogant? because they are intelligent. but they shouldn't be boastful. i am a professor, i am ahead of you people, why do you think i want to waste my time like this?" <- isn't this sentence arrogant?

prof: "apparently, someone went to complain to the director of HSAH when she was reprimanded by the doctors there. therefore this is happening"
"just because you came back from europe (he said the country that i was in SPECIFICALLY), you should not act like this in malaysia. but i am not specifically talking about you." <-then, how come he knows that i was from there?

i told him that over there, ppl just dress as they want, so long that they are performing well. then he started talking about india la pulak. seriously, i wanted to kick him in the face.

i am not living in denial, but i am definitely not arrogant. kalau betul la RED ni sombong, macam mana when i am doing comm med, the ppl wanted to talk to me more than to talk to the others? kalau RED ni sombong, kenapa RED leh ngam ngan uncle guard ke, warden ke, uncle kedai ke? yes, i asked around if they think i am ARROGANT. the answer is NO. i may appear to be arrogant at first because of the way i look. but once they get to know me, they know what kind of person i am.

jadi macam mana? haruskah aku robek muka aku supaya tak nampak sombong? aku nak berlagak apa pun aku tak tahu cause aku ni ada kekurangan.

takkan la kalau orang terjun lombong, just because i think it is a stupid thing to do and i want to stand on my own 2 feet, aku tak terjun sama, aku dikatakan ARROGANT?

aku rasa, aku lebih rela orang cakap aku ARROGANT dari orang label aku STUPID kan.

btw, prof ni siap cakap lagi :"do you wonder why i am picking on you?" haaa.... tau pun yang dia picking on me. "because there are other people who break the rules, but you do double." WTF?? apa benda yang aku buat? kalau aku ada byk break the rules, kenapa aku tak kena ban aja from this place?

pergi mampus la... iye, RED mmg geram. but i know, he is not worth my anger. lantak la.


Anonymous said...

You may want to put your meeting with him on record. The date, the time and the approach, it may help in future. F... ppl, they dont know the different from a fashion school to a med school. It's not worth of you getting angry, the dame does not work that way. I have purdah at home, why dont you try coming to college with prudah and see, what's next? Sabar always ok, I love you no matter what.

redSeptember said...

tu la, i was thinking of the same damn thing. i ingat tadi, i balik lunch, i nak pakai telekung je pergi klass.

i love you too ma...

i think i have to accept the fact that in malaysia, the important thing is to sell your appearance. biar la macam mana incompetent you are, janji you look good. tu sebab banyak quack doc kat sini. take for eg the doc that prescribed you the meds yang had side effects tu kan, wasn't he dressed to nines and very formal and proper. tapi buat kerja macam haram... apa cerita?

btw, this prof said, i kenot wear stripes, must wear black pants only, white shirt. macam ni, baik ada kan uniform for students kat sini. and then can wear the same blahdy thing to the hosp. sekarang ni, the main focus is the dressing, not what is in your head. the main thing is to bow down to your SENIORS, biar dia salah atau betul. don't have your own back bone, be a coward. don't challenge, just accept. and in the end, be STUPID....

Eliea said...

this kind of mentality is what i am scared most lah!! kalau kat US, budak2 pakai baju tido jer gi one ever pun pakai seluar pendek jer.. cool jer...pandai jer semua org....totally agree with you la, Malaysia really counts looks..which is soo wrong...did u realize abt resume2 requirement in Malaysia? Kalau kat US, you are prohibited to put pictures on ur resume..dilarang! sbb dia org nak fair n bias...but in malaysia, semua kerja yg i tgk require gambar saiz passprot! (which until now i refuse to provide...n still tak dpt kerja la kan)but, why do we need to provide the pic kan?? unless la nak apply jadi model ker pelakon ker penyanyi ker...nie apply jd engineer jer...hrmm sorry i plak yg lepaskan perasaan kat sini hehe..

Munira said...

Hey Red,

Sorry to hear about another crappy experience you have endure. Your pal Eliea has a good point -- it's true. In the civilised nations (yes, the West can be CIVILISED!), it's not about clothes, it's about your competency. I agree that appearance is important, but it should not be turned into something to discriminate people irrationally. Even in the UK pun they don't allow you to clip pictures to your CV for employment for the reasons Eliea had pointed out... AND get this, you get to fill in anti-discrimination form so that if you ever endure any kind of discrimination in any form at work, you have every right to lodge a report. How we whine about racism and discrimination in this country, yet I do not see this anti-discrimination policy being thoroughly practiced.

And again and again Malaysia wonders why we are swamped with incompetent doctors... They don't get the point that anybody can don the white coat these days, no thanks to the number of random med schools they are recognising indiscriminately (how ironic). In Malaysia, most people are vulgarly obsessed with clothes, especially clothes that women wear. But of course in your case, the said doctor is from a different country, but I do not have to wonder for too long to guess which country he's from, eh?

Arrogance is a vice that brings one to a quick and sudden downfall.

Please pardon my bluntness.