Sunday, June 29, 2008

patience is KEY

this is hafiz, my "student". i am voluntarily giving him math/science/english tuition for his upcoming UPSR in september. trouble is, he is such a playful kid. yeah, it is normal. he hardly concentrates and he is rather lazy. but deep in his noodles, he is one smart boy.

as we all know, i am a little low in patience. but somehow, these days, i have learned that to make something work, i have to do it myself and i also have to learn how to wait to see the results. i have to be the same with hafiz. his mom however, she ain't got any of this thing we call patience. she is rather kasar with hafiz and i keep on telling her that this is not gonna improve his learning skills neither is it gonna do him or her any good.

once, i went to their house to teach him. the cute part was that the other brothers wanted me to teach them too. i don't ask for money, although she felt guilty and wanted to gimme some. she wanted to take me out to dinner la, she wanted to get me some food la. i simply just tell her: "kak, saya ni nak tolong aja. kita sama2 usaha untuk hafiz k".

my reward is to hear that he keeps on asking his mum : "malam ni kak alia datang tak?" . better than that is that when i went to their house the next afternoon, the other brother asked : "kak datang tak malam ni?"

all i could do is smile :) the only experience i have is teaching in KUMON. but the main skill that i have now is being patient. that is very important.


uShop said...

mengaja dak UPSR?? leh datang ke bandar baru bangi x? :p

my brother nk kene ade tutor gak la..
sian die sume abg2 n akak2 die tiada di tanah air~~

redSeptember said...

amboi.... jauh tu. kalau dekat, leh juga try kan... hehehe sorry...

athena said... u penah mengajar kat KUMON ke? same goes with me and vlad. masa tue konon nak carik extra income. but we x earn that much. but the experience dealing with children yang comel2 tue mmg best.. :D

m s v l a d said...

yes yes,true2 athena hehe
remember pierre?hahah so lah vain tp cute die tuh.