Saturday, June 7, 2008

31 sins

after the wonderful dinner at TR, we decided to go catch KUNGFU PANDA. but that was not successful as there were throngs of people queing up especially for that movie, and the only available seats were the ones like 2 inch away from the screen. so, we bailed on that and we went to CAFE BASKIN ROBBIN'S to satisfy yah's crave.

see the smudge on the menu? what is this? i tot it was supposed to be a high-end place. it was really clean and proper when it first opened. and then....??? macam reban ayam.

i know you can't see this, but the worktop were dead messy and the floor was better off not to be mentioned about.
i almost poked my eyes out because of this. gawsh!! they look all so yummy! very very sinful! but if i poke me eyes out, nnt macam mana nak pakai my new oakley glasses kan? heheheh poyo tahap gaban.....

since it has been months since i last had low-fat NSA (no sugar added) ice cream or gelato, i decided to end my lent with AFFOGATO (literally translated as 'drown' in italian), which is vanilla ice cream drowned in piping hot espresso. i have always seen this on the cooking channels, but i have never tried it. so, since it is here and i have the choice to sub the ice cream with NSA, lowfat vanilla ice cream with choc chips, i went for it.
feeling so guilty while having the AFFOGATO, even till now (-_-")
didn't had much of the ice cream though, just the espresso that was drowning the sinful ice cream. i shared this with nana. so, she had most of the ice cream.

initially, yah wanted to have the ice cream fondue. but since pott and sha didn't wanna have any ice cream and nana was sharing with me, she had to settle with this parfait. it is filled with chocolate brownies, peach halves in heavy syrup, chocolate wafer, and GOD knows what else deliciously sinful things in there.
yah, finishing every last bit of it. must be damn nice la!

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