Wednesday, June 25, 2008

week 2 of community medicine : day 4 -dancing in the moonlight-

disclaimer: i have been trying to upload a video for this entry the whole day yesterday, but to no avail.... so, wait la haaa.....

after the many losses that we encountered during the day (tere juga orang2 kampung kan. don't underestimate them), we were tired. but rest was far from our imginations, although each and everyone of us NEED it badly. right after the game, we had approximately 2 and a half hours to get ready for the MAJLIS PERPISAHAN. at that limited stretch of time, we were supposed to:
  • rehearse (cause we never had enough rehearsal time
  • arrange the seating area
  • finalize the order of program
  • dance on the minute stage
  • get ready, get set, and go..... (...and die... haiishhhh)

so, this was the outcome of it all....

of course the nite started with the arrival of all those VIP (very indifferent people), speech, welcoming words, more speech, boredom.... and all those. so, while those uber boring segments were taking place, we took the chance of snap-happy leyy....

vijay (my dance partner) and i. clearly i was tired...really, can't you tell from the face?

the malaysian idol tryout contestant. he ADORES britney spears.

dr. MC Yap. apparently, i am his 9th wife?? haiishhh... who were the others? wani and the gang thinks he'll be a good catch for me. hehehe... i don't think so.

wani and the gang. they are so damn camera shy. i had to practically beg them to take this pic.

ganeson aroson. kesian dia. terlalu tinggi that the baju melayu that he had on was so senteng (singkat). brainy, but no guts.... haiiishhh....

saras, anita, RED : abah bought us the kurungs for us. how sweet is that. rasa macam segan gila. i mean, we baru kenal, and he already buying gifts for us.

i super LOVE this pic. he hardly takes a decent picture. this is considered feasible.

*penat.... penat..... ngantuk.....bowsan.....*

finally, after all the boring segments, the food served, it was time for action. the performances finally begins....

i can't quite tell what was this all about simply because i don't understand what the narrator was talking about. apparently it was about some bees and some ants, and they all lived happily ever after. they have to go slow on the makeup tho... hehehheeh

the redance of the chinese fan dance, a direct copy from our skit on DANCE of DESTINY that we had months earlier.

timang burung remix. this was the vid that i wanted to upload so much tapi tak berjaya. i looked so damn cacat as i only had 2 days to practise. hehehe

i am clueless about this one. but i am pretty sure it is about making new friends despite the differences in culture, religion, and race.

a nasyid performance by the women of kampung hilir. it was purely a capella. can you see mak there? she has a nice Qur'an reading voice, and to hear her in this nasyid, it was bliss.

the 2nd performance that i was in. a combo of maahiwe + aja nachele (some hindi songs le). the punjabi suit was borrowed from sindhu (the girl in orange). you won't believe how fast i changed and i nearly missed the dance!!

there were also the sajak declamation by pakcik shuib, an indian dance by our girls, and dikir barat (which i am too embarassed to put up because it was such a flop! thank GOD i wasn't in that one).

the night finally ended ..... ahhhh.... at last! and you'd think that we were about to get some rest?? NOT!!! more work to be done although it was nearly midnight. we had to gotong-royong kemas that area, and boy, that was alot of work. so, while cleaning up, we also took some chances to snap happy :P

group 8 : the most efficient group.... really!!
my foster family : abang (wan), anita, RED, saras, yi jiun, adik (wani), abah, and mak.


athena said...

aii!! red... u look good with scarf!!

redSeptember said...

gegegege.... no comment :P

thanks anyway darling. i am pretty sure not as beautiful as you ;P